Easily one of the darkest and most barbaric practices human beings could perform was cannibalism. Throughout human history, cannibalism was done either as a last resort for food, for medicinal purposes, or to magically gain the essence of their victims. Now the real life middle ages were dark and violent times and I intend to keep my fantasy book on the same standard. With this in mind, I am thinking of including cannibalism in my fantasy book and it will be a traditional practice for a particular group of people. It will also serve as the ultimate fate of one of the characters.

One thought on “CANNIBALISM”

  1. Just to fill in a few spaces – the key, I find, is the sauce: blend apple with onion, cider and stock and reduce before adding the meat. It’ll need to be slow cooked for a long time, so it’s lid on and bottom shelf of the cauldron (serve with freshly grated parmesan and a good helping of cranberry conserve).

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