After receiving half of my DNA results, I discovered that a good percentage of me is of Scandinavian origin. That means that some of my ancestors were vikings! Centuries ago, my ancestors were plundering and pillaging through Europe and North America, worshipping gods such as Odin and Thor. I can envision them becoming berserkers on the battlefield with the strength and fury of ten men! This would explain why I had such bright blonde hair when I was a child due to my viking genes. For my fantasy series, I am thinking of creating a faction whose culture is modeled after that of the vikings. I will therefore watch documentaries regarding viking culture and warfare. This will be an illuminating experience because it would allow me to find myself as well as find inspiration for future projects.



While visiting the Air and Space Museum, I came across this 19th century model of a flying city that depicted a potential future of people living in the sky. It looked like something from a Hayao Miyazaki anime film. I am thinking of drawing inspiration from this model in order to create my own flying cities in my sequel series.


I got the results of half of my genetic ancestry and I received some surprises. In this half of my genes, it was revealed that I am mainly Irish, Scandinavian, English, overall Western European, and I have very small traces of being African and Pacific Islander. For my fantasy series, I will be drawing inspiration from the various parts of my heritage to create the various factions in the kingdom. Once I receive the other half of my genetic history, then my source of cultural inspiration will be complete. In addition to the creative inspiration, I feel great to finally get an idea of who and what I am.



The second Horseman to appear in the Bible was War. War is one of the easiest Horsemen to interpret. When I think of someone who embodies War, I am thinking of someone who has complete mastery of every combat style and weapon. In terms of personality, I can imagine this individual being like Kenpachi Zaraki from the anime/manga Bleach, which would be a berserker who is hopelessly addicted to fighting and bloodshed.



In the Bible, the first Horseman to appear is the one of Pestilence. Now, pestilence is usually something relating to either a virus or plague. However, while a biological virus is certainly deadly, I am brainstorming on something that causes more damage and spreads faster than any biological virus. With this in mind, I am considering creating a character who takes advantage of something psychological and spiritual in order to spread chaos. I have a few ideas and each one is more frightening than the last for in my final volume Pestilence will go forth and conquer.



Since my fourth and final volume will depict an apocalyptic battle that will change the fate of the world and will have a number of Biblical references, I am thinking of drawing inspiration from the iconic Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. The Horsemen have been referenced in countless different works and consist of Pestilence, Famine, War, and Death. Still, even though they have appeared in multiple works, I often wondered if anyone actually depicted the Horsemen accurately. With this in mind, I am thinking of creating my own interpretation of what defines the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse when the Young Guardians face their final battle.