I discovered something extraordinary on the news: a drivable 3D-printed car! The technology to create these cars was amazing beyond words and it gave me some ideas of what to include in my sequel series. Since my sequel series will take place in a futuristic world, I am thinking of including a more advanced version of this technology. I am getting excited thinking about it.

5 thoughts on “3D PRINTED CARS”

  1. Reblogged this on Meeka's Mind and commented:
    I’ve been a fan of 3D printing since I first heard about it, some years ago now. Yet even I’m flabbergasted by /what/ can be printed these days.

    I think the guy interviewed near the end is wrong though. Car makers are already automating where possible. Instead of robots, why not multiple 3D printers? I can’t believe the cost differential would be so great. Fantastic stuff.

  2. I think it’s technically slower than traditional manufacturing. Yeah, a quick search got Toyota’s average numbers, which are 17-18 hours per car, start to finish (from the short note, it looks like that includes stamping the parts and whatnot).

    When extrapolating threeprint its important to consider just how much it could change society, beyond just being cool. People have already made simple breach-load pistols on the plastic printers, and someone made and fired an AR-15 built on one of the more expensive metal printers. So… widespread use of threeprinters, especially the metal kind, and ESPECIALLY the open source kind that can be used to make more threeprinters, makes it very hard to control distribution of many items. All that’s needed are the schematics and just about anything is possible.

    Also, you should look up 3D cell printer, or wound printer or organ printer. There IS a company actually working on a 3D printer that can print with single cells and assemble organs or repair wounds… someday.

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