When Cersei Lannister heard her future from the witch Maggy the Frog, it was said that Cersei is destined to die at the hands of a “little brother” after outliving all her children and losing everything to a younger and more beautiful queen. At first, Cersei thought her future killer was Tyrion, which explained why she feared and hated him to the point of desperately wanting him dead. Now, however, I can think a few more candidates who can fill the role as Cersei’s executioner. (As a head’s up, the following prediction is based on the show not the books).

Due to her destruction of the Sept of Baelor, Cersei killed her uncle, cousin, caused her son to commit suicide, and destroyed her family’s future. The look that Jaime gave her when she was crowned foreshadowed that things are going to get dark between them next season. Jaime will realize that the woman he loved died with their son and she is becoming just as bad as the Mad King. History may repeat itself as Jaime is forced to commit regicide yet again. Since Jaime is Cersei’s younger twin, this would make him the “little brother.”

Euron Greyjoy became the new King of the Iron Islands after killing his brother Balon Grejoy. Now he is starving for conquest! He might exploit the Lannister’s desperation to beat back Daenerys Targaryen and feign an alliance with Cersei. When the moment comes when he no longer needs Cersei, Euron may pay the iron price by killing Cersei and claiming the Iron Throne for himself. Since Euron is Balon Greyjoy’s younger brother, this would make him the “little brother.”

Finally, there is Jon Snow, who is now King in the North. Due to leaked photos, it is clear that Jon is going to form an alliance between House Stark and Daenerys Targaryen. If House Targaryen and House Stark join forces, they will definitely have the numbers and resources to defeat the Lannisters once and for all. If Cersei is captured, Jon Snow might execute her for her crimes the Stark way (by personally and publicly chopping her head off)! This would make things come full circle from when the Lannisters beheaded Ned Stark. Jon Snow is not only Rhaegar Targaryen’s sole surviving child, but also his youngest, which would make Jon the “little brother.”

In general, one way or another, Cersei is going to finally meet her end either this season or the next.


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