Even though mathematics is my greatest weakness, I have been doing the math on just how large Daenerys Targaryen’s Dothraki khalasar really is. In Season 6, it was estimated to number 100,000 strong. However, after reviewing the history on how large the average Dothraki khalasar is, I think her Dothraki army is significantly larger than that. The average Dothraki khalasar numbers at least 20,000 or more. Daenerys burned seven khals when she took over the Dothraki. If each khal commanded 20,000 men that would mean that Daenerys controls at least 140,000 strong. On the other hand, if each of the khals commanded 40,000 men like Khal Drogo did, then Daenerys would command 280,000 men or more. Even without the Reach’s entire support with House Tarly’s betrayal and Highgarden sacked, Daenerys would still command more soldiers than all of the other factions combined. The problem will be to feed her colossal army and without the full support of the Reach that will be complicated especially since winter has finally arrived. On the other hand, it was rumored that the Iron Bank of Braavos is going to make its move next season. With Stannis Baratheon dead and the Lannisters’ rule hanging by a thread, the Iron Bank might financially support Daenerys, giving her the funding she would need to feed her massive army and finance her entire campaign. Either way, Daenerys has all of Westeros outnumbered and outgunned.

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