One of my favorite science fiction films is The Martian starring Matt Damon. I liked this film because even though Matt Damon was in the most desperate life-or-death situation imaginable he never lost his sense of humor even when he blew himself up building his potato farm, which was part of the film’s charm. Even though his methods to farming potatoes were unpleasant, the film still gave me a craving for potatoes. Also, the most interesting thing about the overall film was the fact that he was not only stranded on Mars but he also had to live on Mars. Due to this, the film may provide us with an idea of what everyday life would be on a colonized planet like Mars. I would recommend this film to anyone who likes science fiction, space travel, and charming humor.



I saw an interesting low-budget film called Max Steel, which reminded me of the cartoon show I once watched as a child. After watching the film, I decided that it was neither a good or bad film, but a satisfactory film with a touch of humor. Even though it was a low budget film, I liked the special effects and the classical elements of a superhero’s origin story. It was also interesting that the two main characters shared a symbiotic relationship due to the fact that they literally need one another to survive and they are at their strongest when they are together. I also liked the idea of a superhuman who could manipulate tachyon energy because of the applications it provides the user such as enhanced physical capabilities and energy blasts. Overall, if you are looking for a film that provides you with a classical superhero origin story, then this is the film for you.


I have reached a point in the fourth volume of my Young Guardians Series where the Young Guardians are about to engage in their final battle. During their preparations, they come to realize that the possibility exists that not all of them may survive the coming battle. As a result, they are experiencing what could be their last thoughts on how they spent their lives and what secrets they want to reveal in case they die. I guess this is what every soldier feels before and after every war and the Young Guardians are no different. I look forward to discovering what other secrets they are coming to terms with as they prepare to face their greatest enemy.




I had an interesting idea regarding some of my superhero characters in my Young Guardians Series. In the fourth and final volume I am working on now, I am thinking of revealing that some of my characters are homosexual. The reason for this is because I wanted to add more diversity to their personalities and the overall story. Also, there have been examples of homosexual superheroes in the past such as Karolina Dean and Xavin from The Runaways, Thunder from The Outsiders, and the show Arrow‘s version of Mister Terrific and Nyssa al Ghul (all of which are some of my favorite superhero stories). Overall, I am looking forward to experimenting with this idea as my beloved characters continue to develop and evolve.



It has been a fun Halloween this year! Even though I did not wear a costume, I was still terrifying as I jumped at people and emitted two types of evil laughs; one that resembled Chucky and another that is of my own design. I got to greet my neighbors and admire their costumes. As for my horror movie marathon, I watched Victor Frankenstein, Saw, and The Gallows. I go to sleep tonight in a satisfactory mood. Happy Halloween!