I just discovered a disturbing rumor about Season 7 of Game of Thrones and it involves House Tarly, who is a vassal of House Tyrell of the Reach. Based on leaked photos and social media, it looks like House Tarly is going to betray House Tyrell in favor of the Lannisters. Part of me is not surprised by this supposed betrayal. When Cersei Lannister blew up the Great Sept of Baelor, she wiped out House Tyrell’s line of succession with the exception of Olenna Tyrell.

Because Randyll Tarly only admires strength and looks down on women he might think that House Tyrell is no longer strong enough to rule the Reach and won’t acknowledge a woman like Glenna Tyrell or Daenerys Targaryen as his master. My guess is that Randyll Tarly will take advantage of the chaos of the Great Sept’s destruction by offering his allegiance to House Lannister in exchange for becoming the new rulers of Highgarden. This kind of mirrors how the Lannisters replaced the Starks and Tullys with the Boltons and Freys as rulers of the North and Riverlands after the Red Wedding.

There has even been reports that Jaime Lannister, Bronn, and Randyll Tarly will lead a Lannister-Tarly army against Highgarden and conquer it, which would make House Tyrell officially extinct. This will be a devastating setback for Daenerys Targaryen because the reach is now the wealthiest, most populous, and most fertile region in Westeros. If House Tarly joins the Lannisters (with a brilliant military commander like Randyll Tarly leading it) and wipes out House Tyrell, then Daenerys’s hold on the Reach will be severely weakened and she would have to fight for every inch of land she can get. Some Houses of the Reach might side with Daenerys, some might side with House Tarly and the Lannisters, and some might remain neutral. It is going to be a complete mess.

On the upside, it has been rumored that after sacking Highgarden and heading back to King’s Landing, the Lannister-Tarly army will be ambushed by Daenerys’s Dothraki horde (which is well over 100,000 strong). It really would not matter how Jaime and his allies will deal with this ambush because the Dothraki would outnumber them and if Daenerys’s dragons show up their annihilation will be guaranteed. Also, Robert Baratheon once said that only a fool would fight the Dothraki in the open. So even though she might lose her Tyrells allies and lose some control over the Reach, Daenerys just might salvage the situation with this victory. Overall, I look forward to seeing how this will unfold.



In the show Heroes, my favorite character was Peter Petrelli. He possessed the traditional personality traits of a superhero because he was selfless, compassionate, and always wanted to do the right thing no matter what. My favorite part was the unique nature of his powers. His empathic nature was the source of his power because whenever he formed a connection with another superhuman he copied their power. With each connection he made and each power he copied his arsenal grew. Therefore, with each power he acquired he had another ability that he could summon when the situation required it. I was so frustrated and disappointed when he lost all of that power in the third season and when he got powers back it was a greatly diminished version of what he had before. I liked Peter’s original power because it made him foil and polar opposite of Sylar, who used violence to get powers.


As I continue to write the fourth and final volume of my main series, I have reached an interesting epiphany. This book will consist of two distinct stories in one volume. The first story will depict the Young Guardians’ final battle with Vogan and the second story will depict how they save the world from the aftermath of their battle. For the second story, I have been watching science documentaries in order to draw inspiration for how the Young Guardians will be able to save the world. They will learn the dire long term consequences of their final battle and try to clean up their mess in the process. I even thought of how to make this team of superheroes end their story in order to pave the way for a new generation of heroes to rise and take their mantle. Overall, I look forward to completing this volume as well as my overall main series. It has been a grueling yet rewarding experience that has lasted for more than a decade.