As I continue to write the fourth and final volume of my main series, I have reached an interesting epiphany. This book will consist of two distinct stories in one volume. The first story will depict the Young Guardians’ final battle with Vogan and the second story will depict how they save the world from the aftermath of their battle. For the second story, I have been watching science documentaries in order to draw inspiration for how the Young Guardians will be able to save the world. They will learn the dire long term consequences of their final battle and try to clean up their mess in the process. I even thought of how to make this team of superheroes end their story in order to pave the way for a new generation of heroes to rise and take their mantle. Overall, I look forward to completing this volume as well as my overall main series. It has been a grueling yet rewarding experience that has lasted for more than a decade.


I encountered another fearless animal at the Smithsonian Zoo: the Bustard, the heaviest flying bird. This bird was completely comfortable with human presence. My guess is that when he hatched from his egg he imprinted on his human caretakers just as baby birds imprint on their parents when they are born. As a result, he was used to constant human attention. He was a very handsome boy with hypnotic aqua-colored eyes.


I encountered a flock of vultures at the Smithsonian Zoo and they were ugly and beautiful at the same time. One of them was picking at a cow skull. It is one thing to see vultures feed on dead flesh in documentaries and films, but it was something else to see it up close and personal. I can still hear the slimy ripping noises of the vulture shredding the skill’s jaw muscles. This bird gave me chills!


At the Smithsonian Zoo, I came face-to-face with the king of the jungle: the African Lion! This big, handsome boy roared for ten whole minutes before laying down and going to sleep. This act was so funny the whole audience erupted with laughter afterwards. It was later we found younger lions and tigers in the surrounding enclosures. He was making everyone know he was still king before going to sleep.