After receiving confirmation on Jon Snow’s true parentage as the son of Rhaegar Targaryen and Lyanna Stark, I realized that he inherited quite a few things from both of his parents. Obviously, Jon Snow inherited his mother’s Stark features of black hair and grey eyes while inheriting his father’s devilishly good looks. In terms of personality, Jon Snow inherited his mother’s independence and wolf blood (which he also shared with his uncle Brandon Stark) and he inherited his father’s leadership skills, fighting skills, and honor. On the side, it is subtly hinted that Jon may have inherited the signature Targaryen ruthlessness from his father, but unlike his Targaryen kin, who are fiery, Jon’s ruthlessness is as cold as ice. Jon demonstrated this chilling ruthlessness when he executed Janos Slynt and the mutineers who murdered him. On the other hand, Jon has also demonstrated the more fiery ruthlessness of Targaryens when he beat Ramsay Snow to a bloody pulp. However, this could be a combination between his mother’s wolf blood and his father’s Targaryen ruthlessness. As Jon’s uncle Viserys used to say, “Ramsay woke the dragon.” Overall, even though Jon Snow was born a Targaryen he was raised as a Stark. With this in mind, he is a Targaryen who does things the Stark way. I think he would have made his parents very proud if they were still alive.


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