In the show Heroes, my favorite character was Peter Petrelli. He possessed the traditional personality traits of a superhero because he was selfless, compassionate, and always wanted to do the right thing no matter what. My favorite part was the unique nature of his powers. His empathic nature was the source of his power because whenever he formed a connection with another superhuman he copied their power. With each connection he made and each power he copied his arsenal grew. Therefore, with each power he acquired he had another ability that he could summon when the situation required it. I was so frustrated and disappointed when he lost all of that power in the third season and when he got powers back it was a greatly diminished version of what he had before. I liked Peter’s original power because it made him foil and polar opposite of Sylar, who used violence to get powers.


  1. Ah I quite liked Peter too. He was a little insufferable at times but he meant well. I also liked Claire, although her brattiness (that comes with being a teen) got frustrating at times. Favourite has to be Hiro, though. So innocent, so happy, and the only one who sees his gift for a gift and not a burden.

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