When I visited the Stanley Kubrick Museum, I remember coming across this model of the ship from 2001: A Space Odyssey. It gave me the idea of writing a section in my series in which an apocalyptic event happens. The aftermath of this event would be so devastating that the survivors would be forced to leave their dying world. In order to achieve this, the survivors would need to construct an ark ship or a fleet of them to start fresh on another planet. An ark ship would need to carry everything from historical records, DNA of every animal on Earth, and enough resources and provisions to sustain tens of thousands of survivors. It is going to be an interesting concept to think about.


2 thoughts on “AN ARK SPACESHIP”

  1. Bubbled nickel-iron asteroid in a cigar-shape, spun up to create centripetal metagravity and with farms on the inside wall is one of the best Ideas I’ve seen for this. One author proposed growing bamboo and using that as replaceable whipple shielding on the front.

    Atomic Rockets really has everything you could conceivably need on this one, starting with the page on slower-than-light ships:

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