I had an interesting thought about superhuman biology. While there have been cases of when superhumans interbreed with other superhumans, their children would be superhuman too. Also, if a superhuman interbreeds with a mere mortal, their children would have a fifty-fifty chance of being superhuman. With this in mind, let’s say for example that the mortals outnumbered the superhumans. After many generations of interbreeding with mortals, would future superhumans lose their powers and become mortals themselves? This is an idea that I am tinkering with in my sequel spinoff. It could also set the stage of a new revolution that will serve as the driving force of the story. I will keep you updated on this in the future.



  1. If you think of superhuman having dominant or recessive alleles that give them their ability it should make it easier to predict how the superhuman trait would appear/disappear in humans.

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