Imagine possessing the power to control the emotion of fear itself. You would know what your target fears more than anything else and then manifest and amplify it in order to horrify your target. Sometimes this would cause your target to go mad with fear or experience so much terror that they would literally die of fright. On other occasions, the user of this power can be empowered by fear in order to augment their physical capabilities. I am thinking of giving this power to one of the main supervillains in the final volume of my main series. The reason for this is because fear is the one thing that spreads faster than any biological virus.



      1. That would actually make for an interesting plot. What do a bunch of superheroes DO if the person behind the army of evil is a demonically empowered human who can control fear WHO IS ALSO a major political figure protected by soldiers and LAW. I’m pretty sure Lex Luthor or someone like him made it to president a few times in the DC and Marvel Universes, but how that’s handled really gets at the intersection between heroism and law, and reconciling the two.

        If someone could just go to North Korea and stomp on Kim Jong Un (for a socially acceptable example), would that be alright? Why or why not?

        Such a plot can also deal with evil being seemingly predestined to happen sometimes. It’s incredible the number of assassination attempts that were mounted against Hitler that failed at the last moment because of some tiny little thing.

  1. Ooooh. What if you had a villain whose power was to figure out why a person believes what they believe, why they fight, and then convince them that those things don’t matter. Sort of a nihilistic villain who convinces people to kill themselves.

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