Because my fourth and final volume of my main series will have Biblical references, I will be drawing inspiration from the concept of the seraphim, which are six-winged angels. I admired the regal and heavenly (literally) appearance and thought of modeling the appearance of one of my characters on these elegant beings. This individual will look beautiful yet terrifying at the same time!



  1. What is this series that you are writing? Also, I’m currently writing a book. It’s my first book. And I haven’t gotten anything for it yet, not gotten an agent yet, or tried finding one. But I haven’t gotten the book done itself yet either. I’ve currently gotten thirteen chapters done so far. Will be working on fourteenth soon.

    1. Yes @Grady I’d also like to know what the name of your book series is? Is it published yet?
      I also draw inspiration from the Bible a lot, so much underrated epicness in there!

      1. It is The Young Guardians Series. Three books and four short stories of the series have been published. You can find them on Amazon or by going to the Written Works section of my website.

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