After reading the New 52 Earth 2 storyline, I enjoyed this reimagining of the original Green Lantern, Alan Scott. Unlike the Green Lantern Corps of Oa, who power their rings through a battery, Alan Scott’s ring is powered by planet Earth herself. This version of Alan Scott is interesting because he lost his lover before acquiring his powers and even though he was dealing with a great deal of grief he still possessed the drive and determination to save the world. At one point, Scott was tempted by a supervillain to be reunited with his lost lover, but ultimately resisted the supervillain’s manipulations and saved the day. Also, it looks like Scott’s ring will lose its power if he moves too far away from the planet while the Green Lantern Corps have to constantly recharge their rings through their batteries. I look forward to reading more of his adventures as a superhero and defender of planet Earth.

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