I have just finished reading volume 2 of Earth 2 and I was thrilled to witness the reimagined origin story of my all-time favorite magical superhero: DOCTOR FATE!!! I always loved to see the good doctor work his magic against supervillains, but the New 52 Earth 2 storyline depicted his magic on a whole other level. Also the New 52 Doctor Fate is not Kent Nelson like the traditional comics. Instead, this Doctor Fate is Kent Nelson’s grandson, Khalid Ben-Hassin. As a result of his exposure to the Helmet of Fate’s magic, Khalid has psychological issues because since magic always comes with a price the price of using Doctor Fate’s magic was his sanity. In a way, I can relate to this due to my issues with having autism. We both strive to overcome them in order to make ourselves greater. Overall, I enjoyed this new version of Doctor Fate and look forward to seeing what other spells he has up his sleeve.

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