I have always been interested in the mystic arts because magic as a concept transcends the laws of physics as we know them. In almost every fantasy story a mage has someone to train them in the use of magic. However, I was always interested in the idea if a mage had no teacher and that their usage of magic was purely instinctual and self-taught. For instance, the sorcerer in question would have all mystical knowledge in the universe crammed inside of their heads. They would be able to understand bits and pieces of it gradually and learn to use certain spells on their own, but without a teacher it would take the magician years or even decades to fully decipher and master the knowledge that has been stuffed in their brains.

This is the origin story of Kelly Vaughn in my short stories. In the aftermath of volume three of my main series, she was granted all mystical knowledge in the universe and has great difficulty understanding the power she had gained. Within a day, she instinctively learned basic spells such as energy manipulation, enhancing physical abilities, and even an imperfect resurrection.

In the fourth and final volume of my main series, Kelly will encounter Tinisha, the last elf. Due to Tunisia’s superior experience with magic, she will serve as a formal mentor to Kelly as the story progresses. With a teacher by her side, Kelly will be able to decipher her knowledge faster. To learn the full details of Kelly’s origin story, click here.

In addition, I am thinking of creating another character who would undergo a similar process in my sequel spinoff series.

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