Just like with everything else, the tradition of the superhero is bound by generations. When one team of superheroes fades, another rises to take their mantle. For example, in some versions of the DC Comics multiverse, after the Justice Society of America was eventually replaced by the Justice League. In Watchmen, after the Minutemen either retired or died, the Crimebusters rose to take their place before being forced into retirement themselves. There are many other examples of this in superhero lore. For my superhero universe, I am thinking of following this tradition by having another generation of superheroes take up the Young Guardians’ mantle when their time is up. This idea will manifest in my sequel spin-off story, which will take place more than five thousand years after the Young Guardians’ time. It will be a drastically different world with different rules, but the legacy of the superhero will live on as it always has.

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