I have new short story ideas to pursue in the future. One of the them will depict the origins of the cyborg supervillain, Cyber Shadow. Due to the fact that he is based on the various bullies who traumatized me for seven years, he is my least favorite of my creations. However, despite my dislike of the character, I feel he still deserves an origin story and how he made a comeback after his first defeat. We know how he became a cyborg in the first volume of my series, The Young Guardians and the Genesis Spell, but we have yet to find out how he became the sadistic, psychopathic bully and then to the homicidal serial killer we all know and hate. In general, Cyber Shadow’s life is one of hatred, vengeance, childhood trauma, and shell-shocking insanity. I hope to elaborate on his life story in one of my future short stories.

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