I recall that at one point in his election campaign, Donald Trump mocked someone with a disability. Even though I do not share the man’s particular disability, I am still a disabled person due to my autism. Now, that Trump is President, I am concerned about my future rights as an autistic person as well as the rights of everyone else who shares my condition. As an autism ambassador, I do not want someone who makes fun of disabled people to represent our country.



  1. You are not alone. My friends are concerned as well. Not only for people with autism and or disabilities, but marriage equality, pro choice, Black Lives Matter and just plain walking down the street. I don’t get the justification (other than money) as to why people voted for Trump. I don’t think he will deliver jobs unless he rebuilds our infrastructure. If so then where will he get the money, taxes? He already said he is going to give tax breaks so who is going to pay for this? Stay safe my friend…winter is coming.

  2. Please research further- they have showed how the media spun this and it was not at all what he did or said. He even was very public in statements saying he never made fun of the disabled journalist. Also Catholic organizations did a video showing exactly what was said and how the media switched it and used his hand movements regarding another quote to claim falsely he was making fun of the reporter.

    Perfect love casts all fear. The Lord says Fear Not and He is still very much in control regardless of who is President.

  3. Trump insulted so many people during his campaign, I don’t know why anyone with a conscience could vote for him. It saddens me that so many Americans fell for his loudmouth, offensive tactics. I dread the next four years.

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