I am both sad and terrified about the results of the election. I monitored Trump’s progress throughout the election and I must say that of all people he is the absolute worst person to be President of the United States. When I saw the results, I wondered just what the heck happened! At least half the country hate Trump so why did he win the majority? Something does not add up! Other than the results, Trump has inspired hatred, sexists, bigotry, and violence. Now, after watching the news, I realized that all of those things are getting worse now that Trump has been elected. People are protesting and rioting in the streets while minority students are being attacked and bullied in schools because of their race and religion. I can hear so many sirens and explosions outside of my neighborhood! Did so many people vote for Trump because they actually thought he was going to do some good? Did they vote for him because they were of the same prejudiced mind as him? Or did they vote for him because they were blinded by their hatred for Hillary Clinton to recognize how unfit for President he is? That makes me terrified for this country, and possibly the world’s, future. I heard that when the election results came in, travel websites that people used to move to Canada crashed. I feel like I am in an alternate reality where everything is beginning to fall apart. Who knows? We may very well be on our way towards a dystopian future like Mad Max or worse. Who knows? Maybe the world that will be created in the next four years will serve as inspiration for a dystopian world in one of my future works. On the other hand, even though Trump was appalling on the election campaign, it is too early to see if he will truly be the political disaster we all believe him to be. Only time will tell if the world is going to survive the next four years. God help us all!

7 thoughts on “PRESIDENT TRUMP”

  1. I live in Riga, Latvia but I was born and raised in NYC. I was scared thinking Trump who I nicknamed The Mad Hatter was going to be president. Now that it has happened I think perhaps this could be a learning lesson for the nation and for Trump. Perhaps everyone will band together to make the next four years as good as possible and everyone including our new president will learn and grow and just perhaps something good will result from this. I really don’t think things will get worse and I pray they can only get better.

  2. With luck, any hair brained schemes and Ideas he has will be stopped from being made law. As with “Brexit” here in the UK, once it was voted in, people with prejudices towards other suddenly felt legitimised and empowered them to be more abusive and offensive. We can only hope that Trump’s own history and double dealings catch up with him and force him to resign before he does too much damage.

      1. I think also he needs to watch his back. After having suggested himself, subtly, that the gun lobbyists could take matters into their own hands if Clinton were elected in, I can only assume he’s failed to ingratiate himself with the US security s

  3. From reading and listening to post election analysis it seems that many people who voted for Trump live in economically depressed areas in the rust belt and middle America. Many of them voted for Obama because they thought he was going to bring change, and they voted for Trump for the same reason. Trump did speak out against TPP, NAFTA, and other imbalanced trade policies. It could very well just be the usual BS promises that candidates make, but it did resonate with enough people.
    And now we’re going to see more change than they bargained for.

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