I have been watching Star Wars Rebels and I am completely pleased that they have finally included one of the most iconic villains in the Star Wars Universe: Grand Admiral Thrawn! I cannot imagine a more dangerous opponent for the rebels to face because while other Imperials like Darth Vader and Grand Moff Tarkin are ruthless and strong, Thrawn is far more intelligent and subtle. He has been described as someone who sees a “bigger picture”. In the Legends Universe, Thrawn was not like other Imperials because he never underestimated his opponents and was much more thorough when analyzing his opponents and formulating strategies. As a result, Thrawn rarely lost a battle and usually lost when he either overthought his strategies or was caught off guard by unforeseen circumstances. So far in Star Wars Rebels, Thrawn has been gathering information about the rebels, giving them false victories, and apparently subtly maneuvering them into an arena of his choosing. For Thrawn, gaining information about a target however small is just as important as any military victory. We all know that in A New Hope, the rebellion consisted of a small squadron of X-wing and Y-wing fighters and one known base on Yavin IV. In Star Wars Rebels, the rebellion has been steadily growing into a large, galaxy-wide movement. This means that between Star Wars Rebels and A New Hope, even though the rebellion will ultimately survive Thrawn they will still take heavy losses and be reduced to the small fighter squadron we saw in A New Hope. Overall, I am glad that Grand Admiral Thrawn is now a part of the Star Wars Universe again and I look forward to see him unleash his full military genius in the future.


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