Among the many kings and queens I researched was Richard III of the House of York. Richard III was easily one of the most controversial kings I researched due to the fact that he imprisoned his nephews in the Tower of London and supposedly ordered their executions. Whether Richard ordered his nephews deaths to remove competition to the throne or if one of the nobles wanted him on the throne to improve their status is unknown. This made Richard one of the chief suspects in one of the most infamous murder mysteries in English history. On the other hand, this story may have been the product of Tudor propaganda in order to make Richard more reviled than he really was. As history has proven countless times, there is no single truth; there are truths! There is the truth that we were told from the history books and then there is the whole truth about the man himself, which may never come to light.

Ultimately, Richard III only reigned for two measly years until he was slain and overthrown in the Battle of Bosworth Field. He was the last English king to die on the battlefield. After the battle, Richard’s body was stripped naked, tied to a donkey and paraded through London, and finally dumped into a river. Amazingly, Richard’s remains were discovered under a car park four years ago. He was identified through DNA testing with descendants of his sister, Anne of York. Last year, Richard was finally given a proper burial at Leicester Cathedral after five hundred years rotting in the ground without a tomb.

Overall, Richard III is one of the most mysterious and controversial kings I researched because his guilt of his nephews’ deaths is ambiguous. He is going to be one king I intend to draw inspiration from for my fantasy project along with Henry VII.


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