I just got out of watching Doctor Strange and it had exceeded my expectations as a superhero movie. They picked the right man to be the good doctor when they casted Benedict Cumberbatch because his acting was phenomenal and he looked just like Doctor Strange in the comics. It was also fun to see that Doctor Strange had an ego that rivaled Tony Stark’s. The way the Mirror Dimension warped reality reminded me of the film Inception. It was a good old-fashioned tale of good versus evil and about either following the rules or breaking them. Also, the fifth Infinity Stone has been revealed, which means only one Infinity Stone has yet to reveal itself in the Marvel Cinematic Universe: the Soul Stone. With Thanos hunting the Infinity Stones himself, I have a grim feeling that he will come into conflict with Doctor Strange in the future for possession of this Infinity Stone. I would recommend this film to anyone who loves magic and Benedict Cumberbatch. “The Doctor will see you now.”

Also, on the side, if you watch the scene in the Hong Kong Sanctum where the sorcerers arm themselves for battle, you will notice another iconic Marvel weapon: THE STAFF OF ONE!!! This was a clear reference to the Runaways comics and a possible hint that Marvel is going to make an adaptation of the Runaways in the future. I got completely giddy when I saw the Staff of One because it was the weapon of choice of Nico Minoru, unofficial leader of the Runaways. However, the woman who wielded it in Doctor Strange was too old to be Nico so it is likely that she was Nico’s mother Tina, who was a member of the supervillain syndicate The Pride. I hope they come through with a Runaways adaptation. Fingers crossed!



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