I came to a realization about Jon Snow’s Valyrian Steel sword, Longclaw. In the past, House Stark and House Targaryen had their own ancestral Valyrian Steel swords: Blackfyre and Dark Sister for House Targaryen and Ice for House Stark. Because Jon Snow is now a king who possesses blood from both Houses, Longclaw has become the new Valyrian Steel sword for both House Stark and House Targaryen. Who knows? If and when Jon Snow finds out about his Targaryen heritage, he might reject both the Stark and Targaryen names and found his own noble House and Longclaw will become that House’s Valyrian Steel sword. Maybe in acknowledgement of both sides of his heritage, Jon could add Stark and Targaryen features to the sword. He already has the dire wolf pommel so maybe he can add the Targaryen sigil to the sheathe. The possibilities are endless on this sword’s fate.


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