As I watched Westworld, I noticed something very familiar in how they created the androids. In this photo, a freshly made android is being dunked in a tank of milky fluid to give it the appearance of a human being. This reminded me of the opening credits of the anime Ghost in the Shell in which Motoko Kusanagi’s cyborg body was being created. Just like this android in Westworld, her cyborg body was dunked in a milky fluid that gave her the appearance of a human being. This is not the first time someone based their science fiction works on elements from Ghost in the Shell. The Wachowski Brothers drew inspiration from the anime when they created The Matrix Trilogy. I, myself, drew inspiration from Ghost in the Shell while writing the creation of the supervillain Cyber Shadow in my Young Guardians Series. Overall, it looks like Westworld is Jurassic Park meets Ghost in the Shell meets Blade Runner.



I have finished a poem that will serve as a parody to Edgar Allen Poe’s iconic poem, The Raven. When I first read Poe’s work, it was one of the most chilling stories I have ever read and I questioned whether what the main character was seeing was real or not. With this in mind, I wanted to experiment with the possibility that what the main character was seeing was a figment of his own madness. Also, I wanted to write my poem from the point of view of the raven and add a little humor to make it more entertaining to the reader.



Every war ends with one major battle that decides the fate of a nation. In my fantasy series, there will be one colossal battle that will seal the future of the kingdom. It will pit hundreds of thousands of warriors against one another as the soil becomes drenched in blood and mountains of corpses form. I will be drawing inspiration from three major medieval battles I learned about in documentaries: The Battle of Hastings, The Battle of Bosworth Field, and The Battle of Pilleth. In the aftermath of the Battle of Hastings, William the Conqueror built an abbey on the sight of the battle so that it would be immortalized. In my fantasy series, I am thinking of the victor taking a similar approach in his victory.



I watched the premiere episode of Westworld and I must say that I am completely intrigued by the overall theme and possibilities it presents. In many ways, it reminds me of a combination between Blade Runner and Jurassic Park. The Blade Runner elements are the fact that this show features emotionally unstable androids that are indistinguishable from humans. The Jurassic Park elements are the fact that this is a futuristic theme park that could go horribly wrong. Androids that are becoming self-aware in a theme park is a recipe for disaster and I look forward to seeing how these biomechanical beings will evolve as the show progresses.



I have just finished writing a poem about one of my favorite foods: Orange Chicken from Panda Express. Having had this chicken countless times, I have become very familiar with its taste, smell, texture, and appearance. I drew inspiration from all of the occasions I had orange chicken, including my dinner from tonight. It was a pleasant experience writing this because it made me revisit all of those times when I immersed myself in gourmet bliss.


It is a time of great revolution and change for my writing arsenal! As you are aware, I am developing a newfound passion for poetry. I am thinking of submitting my poems to various magazines in the near future. If I keep writing at my current rate, I might write up to a dozen or so poems and flash fiction excerpts. I have started seeking out potential magazines for my poetry and flash fiction and I look forward to where this will take me. I will keep you updated on any further developments.


I have written another poem that depicts a medieval battle from the point of view of a foot soldier. It was an entertaining experience and I am ready to add it to my ever growing collection of written works. I am thinking of continuing to write more poems even after I finish my Creative Writing Class. Poetry is really growing on me and becoming a permanent part of my writing arsenal. I look forward to what else I will write in the future and I will keep you posted on any updates.