Every monarch is crowned by an elaborate ceremony called a coronation. This ceremony is full of oaths and prayer. I will be drawing inspiration from past coronations for my fantasy series. My fantasy series will feature three separate coronations: one for each of my rival kings and one for the king who will ultimately win the war for the throne.


William and Kate: The royal wedding

After experiencing two weddings in one lifetime, I adore the idea of two lovers getting married. By combining those experiences with the royal wedding of Prince William and Lady Katherine for inspiration, I plan to depict the royal weddings of the two kings in my fantasy series. Both weddings will have all of the ceremony fit for a king, but their spouses will come from opposite backgrounds, which will play a big role in their future rivalry.



Another common medieval weapon was the mace, which was a powerful bludgeoning weapon that was strong enough to crush armor with a single swing. I prefer the flanged design like the one in this picture instead of the spiked design because the flanged design could cause more damage to armor than the spiked design. I am thinking of making it the weapon of choice of one of the major characters in my fantasy, who is the heir of a long lineage of formidable knights.



Magic swords have always been a central part of the fantasy genre ranging from Excalibur, Brisingr, or Valyrian steel blades. I am thinking of following to this tradition in my fantasy series by including an arsenal of magical swords. These swords will possess certain requirements in order to wield, provide a standard set of abilities to their chosen wielders, and each sword will have an additional ability that is unique to that particular sword. These swords will be the only form of magic that exist in my fantasy world and I already have a number of these blades planned out.



I recently watched the classic film Rob Roy and after watching the duel at the end I was very interested in the sword Liam Neeson used to cleave open Tim Roth’s chest. I did research and discovered that the sword that Liam Neeson used was called a basket-hilted broadsword, which had a thicker and heavier blade than a regular rapier sword. Because of its stronger and heavier blade, this would be a more ideal rapier-like weapon to use against armored opponents. I am thinking of making this sword the weapon of choice for the son of a duke in my fantasy series.



The other night, I made a feast that was large enough to feed a dozen people or more. The feast included the following: spaghetti with extra meaty meat sauce, sourdough bread, sliced watermelon, a salad that consists of romaine lettuce, carrots, mushrooms, and tomatoes with zesty Italian dressing, and for dessert there was a quadruple chocolate pudding that consisted of Devil’s Food cake baked with chocolate chips, chocolate frosting, and chocolate sprinkles! At the dinner party that followed, six people ate their fill, but there was still enough leftovers or ten people! It was fun cooking this luscious meal and I hope to do so again in the future!


Jon Snow and Tyrion Lannister give each other a warm greeting for GOT Season 7

Here is leaked photographic evidence from Season 7 of Game of Thrones! Here, we see Jon Snow, King in the North, and Tyrion Lannister, Hand of the Queen, shaking hands while surrounded by Davos Seaworth, Missandei, and Dothraki. This is clear, undeniable evidence that Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen are going to join forces, uniting the northern and southern kingdoms under a single banner! This is going to be one family reunion I cannot wait to see as aunt and nephew meet for the first time and the blood of the dragon is whole again for the first time in twenty years! Together, Jon and Daenerys are going to unleash two things: FIRE AND BLOOD!!!