Imagine being immune to physical pain. Whether if you are impaled by swords, pummeled by bullets, or lose whole limbs, you won’t be able to feel a thing and keep fighting. That would be the ideal power for a warrior character to have since the Viking berserkers were immune to pain when they went mad. I am thinking of giving this power to one of the many villains of my sequel spin-off. Boy, when I envision what this antagonist will be like I wonder if I will be manifesting one of my nightmares.


One thought on “PAIN SUPPRESSION”

  1. I hope that this is a power with an on/off, like the berserkers. Inability to feel pain is actually a real thing, and it is a pretty terrible affliction for the people who have it. People who can’t feel pain tend to acquire lots of minor injuries that eventually get infected and become serious or fatal ones. Pain is a key ingredient to self-preservation.

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