I was excited to see Daenerys Targaryen defeat the Masters of Slaver’s Bay once and for all when they futilely attempted to retake Meereen. Apparently, the Masters failed in learning their lesson the first time Daenerys defeated them when she took their cities. Daenerys’s greatest strength isn’t her armies or dragons, but the fact that people keep underestimating her. The reason the Masters lost to Daenerys the first time was because they underestimated her and now they repeated that mistake and lost again . . . for good.

This was a crushing victory for Daenerys not just militarily, but also politically and economically as well. The desperate lengths the Masters went to retake Meereen and reinstate slavery demonstrated how much they sacrificed all for nothing. It is as Tywin Lannister once said, “wars swallow gold like a pit in the earth.” The Masters had to raise, train, equip, and feed an army, build a fleet and siege weapons, form alliances with Volantis, and fund the Sons of the Harpy. With so much money spent for a lost cause and slavery on its last legs due to Tyrion’s peace treaty, it will take the Masters years or even decades to get their money back. Also, Tyrion pointed out that Meereen’s success as a slave-free city will inspire the slaves in Astapor, Yunkai, and Volantis to rise up against the Masters, which was the reason why they attacked Meereen in the first place. Now that the Masters failed so miserably to retaking the city, the Masters will have no choice but to submit to Tyrion’s treaty and forfeit slavery altogether.

In addition, because tales of Daenerys are spreading across the known world, the Masters will finally admit that they cannot win against her now that they lost to her twice! When the Seven Kingdoms hear of her crushing victory over the Masters, they will know that their only options will be to either submit to her or burn. I hope they write songs about her victory in a similar manner to the Rains of Castamere in which Tywin Lannister quelled rebellious houses. Overall, the whole world will know that Daenerys has become far more than a queen, but a force of nature and people will oppose her at their own peril! Now it is the Lannisters’ turn to feel Daenerys’s true power and wrath as she brings them fire and blood!


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