I have just finished writing a poem about my beloved pit bulls. The poem describes how I met them and what kind of impact they have had on my family and community. I am thinking of making my pit bulls my personal writing mascots because I love them too much. This has been a fun poem to write and allowed me to depict my undying affection for these unnaturally adorable beasts. I look forward to sharing this poem with you in the near future.



  1. Did you post the poem? I don’t see it. I see a bean bag in the picture. Do they like that? We are searching high and low for a rescue dog right now. Our dog passed away of cancer 3 months ago. He hung on for 8 months but we needed to let him go. Anyway I’ve been looking for a new bed for our new dog. I wanted something cushiony because we have hard floors, no carpet. I saw the bean bag and thought that would be a great dog bed! I had to throw my other one away. I made it out of foam toppers but it just was too sad . Anyway can’t wait to see the poem……and I just reread your post and saw you haven’t posted it yet!!!!

    1. I will be publishing it on Amazon Kindle along with my other poems in the near future. This post is to keep you all updated on my writing progress. I promise that you will get to see the poem soon. My pit bulls really do love their bean bag chair and they sometimes cuddle together in it. It is way too cute!

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