Now that Jon Snow is the new King in the North, I have a detailed idea of what can be expected from his new kingdom. When Robb Stark became King in the North, he had control over the North and the Riverlands. Sadly, due to Robb’s political blunders and the Red Wedding, the Kingdom of the North was temporarily suppressed with House Bolton ruling the North and House Frey ruling the Riverlands. Now, the Boltons are extinct and House Stark has regained control of the North with help from the Vale.

When Jon Snow became the new King in the North, he gained control over both the North and the Vale. With Walder Frey and two of his prominent sons dead, House Frey will turn on itself and the Riverlands may become re-assimilated into the Kingdom of the North, which would give Jon Snow control over three of the nine regions in the Seven Kingdoms. Due to the Red Wedding, Robb Stark’s army was annihilated, but was not the full military strength of the North. After the Battle of the Bastards, it was confirmed that the North’s remaining military consisted of 16,000 men, which is further boosted by the Vale’s 20,000 or so men. If the Starks can retake the Riverlands, their army will be strengthened even more. So the Starks are once again a force to be reckoned with and potentially outnumber the Lannister’s remaining armies now that House Tyrell abandoned them.

It was stated that Riverlords such as House Blackwood and House Mallister are rebelling against Frey rule. Now that Walder Frey is dead and Frey rule is hanging by a thread, more Riverlords will most likely rebel. If Jon Snow regains control of the Riverlands once House Frey is overthrown then he would be the ruler of more than half of Westeros and a rival kingdom to Lannister rule. As the sole surviving child of Crown Prince Rhaegar Targaryen, Jon Snow is probably the true king of the Iron Throne. At this stage, he would have three kingdoms down and six to go, which will bring him ever closer to becoming who he is born to be.

Fortunately for the Starks, the Lannisters have lost most of their allies and resources due to Cersei’s blunders. Also, with winter finally arriving, the Starks will have the home field advantage because the snow will become so deep the Lannisters will not be able to invade the Kingdom of the North even if they want to. With the White Walker army fast approaching, Jon Snow will definitely be a more conservative king than Robb Stark ever was and keep the Stark-allied armies within his territories. In order to prevent the Lannisters and Greyjoys from interfering with his preparations for the new Long Night, Jon Snow would probably fortify his kingdom’s western and southern defenses. Because the Starks would be in their element in the snow, all they would have to do is wait for the intruders to freeze, starve, and mutiny before finishing them off.

With these factors, Jon Snow’s only real threat to his rule is Littlefinger, who obviously has plans to foil him. Fortunately, I believe that Littlefinger’s plots and schemes are going to backfire on him this time because he underestimated Jon due to supposedly being a bastard and did not expect him to become King in the North. During his time as Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch, Jon Snow gained leadership and political skills while the mutiny that killed him taught him to never trust anyone. Also, Jon has a secret weapon in the form of Sansa Stark, who is the only one who truly understands Littlefinger. Now that Sansa knows Littlefinger’s ultimate goal, she can use his obsession of her against him. In addition, due to Ned Stark being a ward of House Arryn when he was a child, several of the Knights of the Vale are Stark loyalists as well as Arryn loyalists. With this in mind, if Littlefinger tries to use the Knights of the Vale against the Starks, not all of them will obey him. It should be noted that Littlefinger is the current owner of the cursed castle Harrenhal and anyone and everyone who held that castle both directly and indirectly has died. Littlefinger is the last one to hold Harrenhal, which means it’s only a matter of time before the curse claims him too.

Overall, I think Jon Snow’s kingdom is going to last longer than Robb Stark’s. Also, if Jon can hold onto his territories until his aunt Daenerys Targaryen conquers the rest of the Seven Kingdoms, then a political marriage between them would unite the northern and southern kingdoms under a single banner. If that happens, then Jon Snow will finally become who he was born to be: the true king of the Iron Throne!


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