I have been contemplating the aftermath of the Battle of the Bastards. Even though we know that Jon Snow becomes the new King in the North, we have yet to find out the ultimate fate of House Bolton’s lands and allies, House Karstark and House Umber. With Ramsay Snow’s death, House Bolton is extinct, the new head of House Umber is uncertain due to Smalljon Umber’s death, and the fate of Harald Karstark is unknown. I can think of a few things that I would do if I was in Jon Snow’s shoes.

With House Bolton’s lands empty and leaderless, I would put the Bolton castle the Dreadfort to the torch and banish any remaining Bolton loyalists to the Wall. With House Karstark, it is obvious that Robb Stark permanently destroyed the relationship between the Starks and Karstarks by chopping off Rickard Karstark’s head. This means that House Karstark will never support House Stark ever again. With the White Walker army fast approaching, I would not let a rogue, disloyal noble house interfere with my plans so I would strip House Karstark of its lands and titles, banish all heirs and servants to the Wall, and put the Karstark castle Karhold to the torch. With House Umber, even though Smalljon Umber was not loyal to the Starks, it is possible that some of the Umbers were still loyal. However, because Smalljon’s actions caused Rickon Stark’s death, I would not forgive or forget House Umber’s betrayal. Like the Karstarks, I would strip House Umber of their titles and lands, banish all heirs and servants to the Wall, and put the Umber castle of Last Hearth to the torch.

With so much vacant land, I would grant it to the noble houses who helped the Starks in the Battle of the Bastards: House Mormont, House Hornwood, and House Mazin. They would then divide the land amongst themselves and these new lands and titles would elevate all three houses to a new level. In addition, to further bring the North and the Vale closer together, I would arrange political marriages between both regions.


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