I have been watching a number of videos about metalworkers forging swords and the show Forged in Fire. One of the most common methods that they used was forging weapons made of Damascus Steel, which is a beautiful metal that is superior to normal steel. In my fantasy series, I am thinking of having Damascus Steel only available to the extremely rich, particularly royalty. Imagine a knight who has armor, swords, shields, and spears made of Damascus Steel. That would be a warrior who has both style and substance with weaponry and equipment that both dazzles and kills.


4 thoughts on “DAMASCUS STEEL”

  1. In reality, I think you’re spot on with the “only royalty” thing. The combination of ANCIENT skill and knowledge for creating true Damascus steel is basically a lost art, even though now, in modern times, they have come close.

    Good luck…you have some wonderful ideas.

  2. As I said. “Wootz” steel, sourced from India. Modern Damascus is not real Damascus. The real stuff was… pretty amazing, and probably owed a lot to the specific ore it was made from. Which does make it an awesome kind of supermaterial that only the wealthy, or those they supply, can afford.

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