I have finally started the fantasy project that I had planned for over a year. It was so thoroughly planned out that I could not wait any longer to write it. I decided to start at the very beginning, where a kingdom has fallen, a hero is born, and an adventure begins. For the character names and locations, I have drawn inspiration from the Latin language. In addition, I have drawn inspiration from Norse and Celtic mythology as well as Arthurian legend. Based on what I have planned so far, I think this is going to be an explosive writing project and I cannot wait to keep you updated.



One of the most famous usages of alchemy is the creation of a homunculus, which means “little man” in Latin. In general, a homunculus is an artificial human being. The most famous homunculus would be Frankenstein’s monster since he was a man-made sentient being that was not naturally born. One could argue that robots, androids, and clones are real life homunculus because they are sentient beings that are artificially made. I imagine an army of hundreds of thousands of homunculus marching through the lands, creating mayhem and destruction wherever they go. It is a chilling idea to consider and I look forward to experimenting with it further.