I have started the fifth chapter of my fantasy series and this will serve as a special chapter. When I first started the story, the main character was the main point of view character, but this chapter will be when the story branches out into the point if view of other characters. These characters will consist of the main character’s brother, squire, lover, and peer. Through four different points of view, the story will gain more diversity to the plot. I look forward to elaborating on the development of these various characters.


  1. Yes, writing in multi points-of-view can add depth to the plot and characterization. But it can complicate things if at some point, for instance, the author needed an omniscient narrator. I sometimes struggle with that dichotomy. What bothers me some is that I can have the story unfolding from several characters’ thoughts and words, etc.(actions too of course) but sometimes an all-knowing narrator is necessary to convey information that none of the characters could know unless that narrator also is a character and not just an external narrator. For instance, if the narrator also is a character (first-person narration) but it is necessary to convey something that he/she couldn’t know, then introducing an omniscient narrator is a little risky and awkward. In that case, there are not only multi points-of-view but different narrators – a limited omniscient and an omniscient narrator. That can result in writing your way into a box. Yet, I find that these complexities and roadblocks force me to find solutions and, often, that’s what improves the novel on the creative level. In any good novel, numerous difficulties must be overcome.

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