In order to gain inspiration on the mindset of the main villains of my fantasy series, I watched another documentary about medieval history. This documentary talked about Henry VIII, who was easily the most selfish and indulgent tyrant in English history. I was thinking of making the main villains an entire family of tyrants who are just as bad as Henry VIII or worse. I must say that my tastes are expanding recently. I was strictly a science fiction, fantasy, and superhero writer, but now I am learning more about history and poetry. I look forward to seeing how far these new tastes will take me.

One thought on “A FAMILY OF TYRANTS”

  1. Historical fiction writing – which is my focus – is far more time-consuming and complicated than most, if not all, other genres. You’ve got to get the history right or your book could be ‘dead in the water’ before the first sale. The best historical fiction writing is about the author exploring and learning about many aspects of a given period. It is frequently about spending hundreds of hours (or more) of researching. The author is necessarily constrained by the customs, societal mores, fashion, historical events, architecture, speech, colloquialisms, religions and countless other features of the period under investigation. The best thing about it is, authors these days don’t have to go to a library for their research but have the world’s libraries in the palm of their hand or – in my case (I do have two I-phones but hate typing on them – in the connectivity power of their laptops/desktops.

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