Tomorrow, I will be receiving a small taste of the medieval life as I go to Medieval Times. One could say that my tastes in sports are somewhat old fashioned. I love medieval tournaments because they depict men in armor colliding with one another on horses and then clashing with swords, axes, and maces. However, even though this will be a fun experience, I am not going there strictly for fun. I am also going there to gain inspiration on the medieval lifestyle for my fantasy series. The story will begin with a tournament like this and I want to examine every detail of this event. I will keep you updated and give you my review.



  1. Have fun!

    For more detailed medieval history, look up some of the Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA) people in your area. They are usually experts in many different aspects of medieval life. For instance, want to know the best way to go up against a bunch of Romans with shields? Or how to defeat horse troops? These guys do fighting (albeit with blunt clubs instead of swords) in full armor and know and understand tactics and yes, strategy for medieval conflict.

    And most of them are more knowledgeable, in a hands-on way, than the university scholars you might meet who would talk about the same subject material in a “I read about it in a book” kind of way. Yes, there’s lots of people who just like to hit each other with sticks and they may not know much, but for each one of those, there’s at least one more who knows a ton.

    I think these guys are local to you:

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