I have completely exciting news! Over the weekend, I went to an art gallery hosted by my godmother and the students who helped me at my books signing at WonderCon. There, my godmother introduced me to one of her best students who specialize in anime and manga. We discussed a possible collaboration and we reached an agreement. Now, we have finally begun the graphic novel project. At last! For years I imagined this moment and now it is finally happening! I know I am relatively young, but I was beginning to think I would never live to see the day. To be brutally honest, I am done simply imagining what my characters would look like. I want to physically see them with my own eyes. One could argue that I am like a blind father who is forced to imagine what his children and cannot see them. Now, I finally have the chance to see them like a father holding his newborn child for the first time in his life. I look forward to seeing what our collaboration will produce in the next two years.


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