Because my fantasy series will depict what kind of world rises in the aftermath of Fanoxean’s rampage, many fantasy creatures will be on the verge of extinction. Therefore, one of the main themes will be the status of what creatures survive Fanoxean’s genocide, particularly the last dragons. I even came up with a name for one of the dragons, but  am having trouble coming up with a female name. I will be drawing inspiration from the dragons in Arthurian Legend, one red as old wine and one white as new milk. By the end of the series, the rebirth of the dragon species will be depicted and they will develop a unique connection with my main character. In both mythology and modern fiction, an individual who forms a bond with a dragon is either called a dragon lord or dragon rider. As a devout dragon fanatic, I always imagined what it would be like to form a bond with a dragon or flock of dragons so there will be a personal touch to this element of the story.

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