One of the most interesting forms of magic is the kind that manipulates the elements, which includes fire, air, water, earth, lightning, wood, and metal. The main character of my fantasy project will be a prolific sorcerer in addition to being a great warrior. His mystical arsenal will include the usage of elemental magic and the source of his power will be something he will struggle with throughout the story. Because magic always has a price, his power all be fueled by something that is both spiritual and sinister at the same time. In battle, elemental magic is one of the main character’s primary weapons and with the right energy source he can be quite formidable.

One thought on “ELEMENTAL MAGIC”

  1. One of the more hilarious subversions of this is in Order of the Stick, when an intelligent goblin priest, rather than summoning and earth elemental or somesuch, summons a titanium elemental because they are lighter and yet tougher than any earth elemental.

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