A number of cultures have performed polygamy since ancient times and still practice it to this day. I am thinking of having the king in my fantasy project practice polygamy. He would not do this for love or lust, but he will do it out of political necessity. Because he will be the first king in a new dynasty, he will marry one woman from all of the major noble families in order to fully solidify his reign over the realm. Even though their union will be initially awkward, the story will show how their relationships evolve into a long and happy marriage. The king’s wives will each be politically astute individuals and will rule alongside him, which will further illustrate the strong bond they will all share as husband and wives. Because the king will have multiple wives, he will produce a large brood of children (possibly numbering over a hundred). With so many children and heirs, the king will be able to form political marriages and connections with the lesser noble families. In general, this one king is going to produce a powerful dynasty to succeed him.


I am in San Francisco and I realized that it is a goldmine for inspiration with my writing. When I look at the city from the harbor and hear about its history through the audio guide, I envision a large, coastal, walled city in a fantasy world. The more I delve into these thoughts, the more vivid the vision becomes. I am planning to use this inspiration to create the king’s capital city in my fantasy work. The whole process is completely exciting. I will keep you updated on any further developments.


As I continue to expand my ever-growing superhero universe, I thought of new projects to pursue in the future. To begin with, I decided that the fourth volume of my main series will be the final volume of my main series. It will feature the Young Guardians’ apocalyptic battle against Vogan and the Black Pantheon. Also, I am planning to write more short stories for Kindle that will revolve around the origins of Triple Ace, Cyber Shadow, and Tinisha Dolaira. In general, this is going to increase my superhero universe to unprecedented levels and I look forward to getting to work on it. Hopefully, my vacation tomorrow will provide some much needed inspiration for my writing. Wish me luck!


How does a supervillain spend his vacation? Ask Vogan in this sample from The Young Guardians Chronicles: The Supreme Deity:

“In the present day, Vogan was seated in a high-class restaurant that was stationed along one of Venice’s many canals. To the eyes of everyone around him, Vogan possessed the appearance of a successful young member of a very wealthy. He wore a customized tuxedo that was black with gold lining with a pair of opera gloves on his hands. In order to conceal his inhuman eyes, Vogan projected a telepathic illusion that made his normally white eyes look like blue human eyes.

Once Vogan was settled at his table, his waitress blushed and said in Italian, “We are honored to have you again, Mr. Damien. Do you wish for the usual?”

Providing a welcoming smile, Vogan replied in equally eloquent Italian, “I am willing to expand my horizons. I am thinking of having the lobster tortellini with white wine cream sauce along with the opera torte for dessert. To drink, I will have the 1989 Chateau Lafite.”

Her eyes affectionately glittering, the waitress said, “Right away, Mr. Damien.”

Then the waitress left Vogan alone with his thoughts. A sense of amusement came from the young woman’s apparent attraction toward him. By comparison, neohumans were considerably more attractive than human beings.

The disguise Vogan was using was one of his favorite aliases, Victor Damien, a philanthropist who regularly visited the most cultured places in the world. Examining the humans who surrounded him, Vogan was consumed with mixed emotions toward their species. While he did hold an unimaginable hatred towards them, Vogan acknowledged the more positive aspects of their achievements. With that in mind, Vogan’s sophisticated alias allowed him to indulge in the beautiful elements of human culture.

Examining the elegant architecture of the building, Vogan simultaneously used his telepathy to observe the thoughts and feelings of everyone in the city. As expected, the sudden increase in the neohuman population Vogan caused resulted in a surge of controversy in the human community. He could sense a thick mixture of hope and hatred emanating from the minds of countless people. In many ways, this did not surprise Vogan since the same event occurred when he was born thousands of years earlier.

When his wine arrived, Vogan contemplated a conversation he had, while he enjoy the rich liquid swirling in his mouth . . .


Here is a sample from one of my Kindle short stories, The Young Guardians Chronicles: The Supreme Deity, which depicts my version of living damnation:

“Displaying a deceptively serene smile, Vogan declared, “Oh, I’m not going to kill you, Tubal-Cain. For years, I had sensed all of the pain, misery, and grief you and your bloodline had caused, both directly and indirectly. Have you ever once wondered what it would be like to be in your victims’ position? Do you even understand how much evil you, your bloodline, and followers had created?”

“To answer your question, I am not going to kill you at all. Instead, I am not only going to force you to understand the absolute wrongness of your crimes. In addition, I am going to force you to experience the combined anguish that you and your failed civilization have caused.”

After those words, Vogan utilized his maximum telepathic power on Tubal-Cain’s mind. Within moments, Tubal-Cain screamed in a way that resembled a damned soul that was being eviscerated repeatedly for its sins. For what seemed like an eternity, Tubal-Cain never stopped screaming and twitched uncontrollably as he hung in Vogan’s telekinetic grip.

Suddenly, without warning, Tubal-Cain’s screaming ceased and became motionless with a blank expression on his disfigured face. It was then that Vogan realized Tubal-Cain’s mind had been destroyed by the completely overwhelming torrent of unimaginable anguish.

After grunting in frustration, Vogan said, “Oh, no! I’m not done with you yet!”

Using his telepathy, Vogan reached into the fragments of Tubal-Cain’s mind and methodically pieced them back together. When the job was done, Tubal-Cain gasped and panted heavily.

Staring into Tubal-Cain’s frightened eyes, Vogan whispered, “Your punishment is only beginning.”

Then, Vogan unleashed the same tidal wave of damnation into Tubal-Cain’s already broken mind and Tubal-Cain screamed once more . . .”



Like many Game of Thrones fans, I love Tyrion Lannister. A few days ago, I came across a theory that Tywin Lannister may not be Tyrion’s real father. Instead, it has been suggested that Tyrion’s real father is the Mad King, Aerys Targaryen II, which would make Tyrion Daenerys’s bastard half-brother and Jon Snow’s uncle. This would explain why the dragons Viserion and Rhaegal were so calm and docile with Tyrion because they could sense his Targaryen blood in his veins: the blood of the dragon!

The reason for this is because when the Mad King was younger and sane, he lusted Tyrion’s mother, Joanna Lannister so it is possible that during one of their interactions Joanna and Aerys had an affair together, which resulted in Tyrion. Whether if Joanna willingly cheated on Tywin or if Aerys forced himself on her is unknown, but if Aerys did force himself on Joanna then that would make Tyrion a bastard born of rape like Ramsay Snow.

If Tyrion is the Mad King’s bastard son, then it could explain why Tywin Lannister hated Tyrion so much. The reason for this is because Tywin and Aerys developed a toxic relationship with each other when Tywin was Hand of the King, which caused them to eventually hate each other. Tywin could never prove that Tyrion really was his son, which caused him to suspect that Tyrion was Aerys’s son. When Tywin said his last words to Tyrion, “You’re no son of mine” that could mean that he strongly believed that Tyrion wasn’t his son not just because Tyrion shot him to death on the toilet.

Overall, if Tyrion really is Daenerys’s bastard half-brother then it would be very fitting in her position for two reasons. First, it would mean that Daenerys is not the last Targaryen after all besides Jon Snow and since Tyrion has more than proven himself to Daenerys she could legitimize him as a Targaryen once she claims the Iron Throne. Second, it would seem like fate because Daenerys’s ancestor Aegon the Conquerer had a bastard half-brother too named Orys, the founder of House Baratheon.

The only person I know who could confirm this theory would be Varys because since he is the greatest spy master in the world there would be very few secrets he wouldn’t know. This would also explain why Varys was so favorable towards Tyrion since Varys is a Targaryen loyalist. Therefore, taking Tyrion to meet Daenerys would be a way for him to reunite House Targaryen.

If this theory is confirmed and Jon Snow’s true heritage revealed to the world, then Daenerys, Jon, and Tyrion would be able to rebuild House Targaryen to its former glory. Plus, the three of them would serve as the three heads of the dragon on the House Targaryen sigil, which is heavily referenced in the Game of Thrones lore. Also, this would mean that Jon and Tyrion could become the riders of Viserion and Rhaegal while Daenerys rides Drogon. I will just have to wait and see. Winter has come!


Since my graphic novel series will be taking place in an interstellar government, I decided to include a character who wields the ability to manipulate cosmic energy. With the female lead, I originally decided to give her light manipulation, but I thought that cosmic energy manipulation would be more diverse and fitting for the setting. With cosmic energy manipulation, she would be able to control solar radiation, gravity, and forms of energy that have not even been discovered yet by science. However, because she has the personality of an artist, she would be more interested in the beauty her powers possess rather than their applications in combat. Overall, this is going to be an interesting power to explore.


I had an interesting thought about the main villain of my graphic novel series. At first, I thought of just making him a power absorber because I viewed it as the cruelest of superpowers. Absorbing the powers of others would allow the villain to become increasingly more powerful with each set of abilities he assimilates. Now, however, I am thinking of giving him the ability to manipulate superhuman abilities in general. With this ability, the villain would not only be able to absorb powers, but he would also be able to bestow, amplify, or negate the powers of others. By bestowing powers, the villain would be able to buy the loyalty of any normal human who craves and covets superhuman abilities. By amplifying powers, the villain would be able to augment the powers of other super humans, which would also allow him to buy their loyalty. Both of these applications would allow the villain to acquire a massive army of empowered soldiers who are blindly loyal to him. By negating powers, the villain would be able to nullify any and every power that would be used against him. Overall, this ability to control superhuman powers in general would easily make the villain the most dangerous character I ever created!


We often see what happens when individuals possess more power than they can handle. Some people become corrupt or arrogant while not using their power responsibly. Because two of the characters in my graphic novel series can either copy or absorb the powers of other super humans, the possibility exists that they could develop superiority or god complexes the more power they gain. For obvious reasons, I am going to explore this concept through the main villain of the graphic novel series. The villain will become arrogant and greedy beyond measure and will possess a sense of extreme megalomania. As for one of the main characters, I am going to tinker with what would happen when he realizes that he will only grow stronger the more he interacts with other super humans. Will he become drunk on power like the villain or will he become afraid that his growing power could potentially harm those around him? Overall, I believe that this is going to be a complex issue to address in my graphic novel series both for the heroes and the villains.



Just as every individual has a certain level of potential, every psychic superhuman has their own level of potential in the use of telekinesis. Some characters can merely move a coin across a table while others can move mountains with their thoughts. Most tele kinetics in the film Looper could only levitate small objects, in the video game Star Wars: The Force Unleashed Starkiller could pull a Star Destroyer out of the sky, in the anime and manga Akira Tetsuo Shima could punch a hole in the moon. In my opinion, moving small objects are meaningless wizard’s tricks compared to causing mass destruction with a single thought. I am interested in characters who could utilize raw telekinetic power with destructive results because it provides more action and affects the mind of the user. To make matters even more intense, when two users of this level of telekinesis clash, the end results are unimaginably explosive. I am thinking of creating a character in my graphic novel series who could utilize telekinesis in this most extreme fashion.