As an admirer of superhuman abilities, I love the concept of magic and plan on including it in my fantasy project. Due to Fanoxean’s near extermination of Tinisha’s home world, only a single group of individuals in the entire world can use it. This organization will be a combination between sorcerers, scholars, alchemists, and warriors. One could say that they would be similar to the Shaolin Monks. In addition to the Shaolin Monks, I will be drawing inspiration from the druid priests of my Celtic ancestors. As for what form their magic would take, I will be drawing inspiration from traits of the various gods and deities of my Celtic ancestors. This will include elemental manipulation, controlling nature, transmutation, healing, and clairvoyance. Also, these individuals will be the secret puppet masters to the king’s rise to power and their reasons for doing so are elaborate. Essentially, I look forward to developing these characters further because it will allow me to reconnect with my Celtic roots.


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