Swords have always been an iconic weapon in fantasy, producing several famous blades such as Excalibur, Longclaw, and Brisingr. However, such a weapon does not manifest out of nothing. It is made from the fires of the forge, the ore of the earth, and the hammer of the craftsman. A sword will play a significant role in my fantasy project and it will be made from a metal that is lighter, sharper, and more durable than any other steel. I will be drawing inspiration from this video on how to forge a sword, but the process will also have a touch of magic and alchemy.


6 thoughts on “FORGING A SWORD”

  1. If you intend for your sword to cut, and not just pierce, lighter is not better. The cutting power of steel is a combination of its ability to hold an edge AND its significant density. Lower density means less potential kinetic energy, and thus less possible energy focused behind the cutting edge. Unless its a magic cutting edge, in which case, whatever.

    1. It will be based on the magic it’s forged from. It’s edge will be permanently sharp and its light weight will allow the user to use a faster and more unpredictable fighting style.

  2. Sounds good. I like when authors really research what they’re writing about. Sword fighting is awesome, but describing how the swords are forged would give the story some added quality.

    1. Thank you. I wanted to create a sword that was unique in the sense that it is not forged from normal metal. The source of the metal that the sword is forged from is not what you would expect. The magic that forged it would make the blade permanently sharp, light as a feather, and virtually indestructible. In fact, when I envision the sword, it is one of the most beautiful swords I ever imagined.

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