I had an interesting idea regarding my graphic novel series. In the modern world, our civilization is powered by electricity, wind, solar energy, and nuclear power. However, what if there was an energy source that was infinite and environmentally friendly? The Revelation Orb not only granted superhuman powers to others, but it could also be used for other applications. After recalling how the Revelation Orb powered Vogan’s machines in the third volume of my main series, I thought of its future role in my superhero universe. What if in the futuristic civilization of my graphic novel series was powered by the Revelation Orb itself? The problem with infinite energy is that while it would make a civilization comfortable and technologically advanced, it would also invite other parties to seize its power for themselves.


  1. “We have based our entire civilization on one single small object that can be easily removed from our planet. If anyone takes it, billions will die from the loss of energy in our high-tech society. But who would ever do such an evil thing?”

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