We all know how magic and technology operate individually, but what would happen if a combination between these two concepts was created? Imagine machines that are powered and animated by magic! This innovation would transcend the limitations of either magic or technology and pave the ways for new and unpredictable applications. I am thinking of giving this ability to one of the main supervillains in my graphic novel series. This individual would be responsible for mass-producing their faction’s army, weapons, and warships. Imagine a war that is fought between one faction using normal technology one one side and the other faction utilizing techno-sorcery on the other. So despite being outnumbered, this rival faction would have superior weaponry and unpredictable technology. This will provide an interesting war to fight.



  1. Well, Grady, magic is basically using a type of mental/neural energy to influence (and even merge with energies from/with) matter and environment and has the ability to also interfere and influence the energies contained in individual, living beings. This is understood through centuries of stories about magic.

    Electrical impulses in the neural system (neural synapsis?) which have been proven to exist, are stronger in some, weaker in others…a fact of life, and sometimes even visible; call it ‘aura’ or The Force (Star Wars), there are individuals who, sometimes even unbeknownst to themselves, can cause certain sensitive electronics to malfunction. Thinking back to the often comedic visualisation of trying to bring television reception in by manipulating ‘rabbit ears’ antennae is proof of this!

    Sooo…the believable combination of the two – “magic” with electrically run machinery – would be an awesome feat and, I believe, quite doable.

    It’s a matter of physics – with a bit of my favourite thing: “Poetic License”!!


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