When I first started my main series, I originally intended for it to consist of five volumes. However, after much brainstorming, I have decided that the main series will consist of four volumes. The reason for this is because I believe that the original story for the fourth volume may be too overly detailed and will not fit in the storyline. With this in mind, I am currently reworking the fourth volume and set in motion the events that I had planned years ago for volume five. It feels good to finally get the grand finale of the main series up and running. This volume will feature the Young Guardians’ final battle with the main supervillain, Vogan. I had always wanted this final battle to be of apocalyptic proportions and it will consist of two armies of superhumans (numbering tens of thousands each) clashing with one another. The result of their combined powers clashing is going to be catastrophic and will have long term consequences in the future. Overall, this is going to be the story I have been waiting years to write and I cannot wait to finally get it underway. I will keep you updated on any further developments.



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