A number of cultures have performed polygamy since ancient times and still practice it to this day. I am thinking of having the king in my fantasy project practice polygamy. He would not do this for love or lust, but he will do it out of political necessity. Because he will be the first king in a new dynasty, he will marry one woman from all of the major noble families in order to fully solidify his reign over the realm. Even though their union will be initially awkward, the story will show how their relationships evolve into a long and happy marriage. The king’s wives will each be politically astute individuals and will rule alongside him, which will further illustrate the strong bond they will all share as husband and wives. Because the king will have multiple wives, he will produce a large brood of children (possibly numbering over a hundred). With so many children and heirs, the king will be able to form political marriages and connections with the lesser noble families. In general, this one king is going to produce a powerful dynasty to succeed him.



  1. I think this is a genius idea, both in the literary and real-life sense. I mean, in real-life it would probably be a bit of a nightmare, but in theory it would be a good place to start if one fancied a bit of world domination.

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