I visited the Maritime Museum in San Francisco and found this exhibit that featured items made out of ivory. I thought of making part of the king’s weapon ivory such as either the hilt or the pommel. However, even though ivory usually comes from whales, elephants, or rhinos, I am thinking that the ivory in the king’s weapon will originate from a dragon. Because of the significance of dragon ivory, this weapon will be seen as a symbol of power and authority. In general, this weapon is going to have an exotic look compared to other fantasy weapons.


9 thoughts on “INSPIRATION: IVORY”

      1. You’ve never seen the fantasy swords with impractically complicated blades or spiky crossguards that would catch on the wrist during a swing? Some of them are more terrifying for the wielder than the opponent.

      2. If you’re taking suggestions for designs I’d recommend a look at the Falcata. Unfamiliar to most folks, but with just about the strongest chopping physics possible.

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