How does a supervillain spend his vacation? Ask Vogan in this sample from The Young Guardians Chronicles: The Supreme Deity:

“In the present day, Vogan was seated in a high-class restaurant that was stationed along one of Venice’s many canals. To the eyes of everyone around him, Vogan possessed the appearance of a successful young member of a very wealthy. He wore a customized tuxedo that was black with gold lining with a pair of opera gloves on his hands. In order to conceal his inhuman eyes, Vogan projected a telepathic illusion that made his normally white eyes look like blue human eyes.

Once Vogan was settled at his table, his waitress blushed and said in Italian, “We are honored to have you again, Mr. Damien. Do you wish for the usual?”

Providing a welcoming smile, Vogan replied in equally eloquent Italian, “I am willing to expand my horizons. I am thinking of having the lobster tortellini with white wine cream sauce along with the opera torte for dessert. To drink, I will have the 1989 Chateau Lafite.”

Her eyes affectionately glittering, the waitress said, “Right away, Mr. Damien.”

Then the waitress left Vogan alone with his thoughts. A sense of amusement came from the young woman’s apparent attraction toward him. By comparison, neohumans were considerably more attractive than human beings.

The disguise Vogan was using was one of his favorite aliases, Victor Damien, a philanthropist who regularly visited the most cultured places in the world. Examining the humans who surrounded him, Vogan was consumed with mixed emotions toward their species. While he did hold an unimaginable hatred towards them, Vogan acknowledged the more positive aspects of their achievements. With that in mind, Vogan’s sophisticated alias allowed him to indulge in the beautiful elements of human culture.

Examining the elegant architecture of the building, Vogan simultaneously used his telepathy to observe the thoughts and feelings of everyone in the city. As expected, the sudden increase in the neohuman population Vogan caused resulted in a surge of controversy in the human community. He could sense a thick mixture of hope and hatred emanating from the minds of countless people. In many ways, this did not surprise Vogan since the same event occurred when he was born thousands of years earlier.

When his wine arrived, Vogan contemplated a conversation he had, while he enjoy the rich liquid swirling in his mouth . . .

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