Here is a sample from one of my Kindle short stories, The Young Guardians Chronicles: The Supreme Deity, which depicts my version of living damnation:

“Displaying a deceptively serene smile, Vogan declared, “Oh, I’m not going to kill you, Tubal-Cain. For years, I had sensed all of the pain, misery, and grief you and your bloodline had caused, both directly and indirectly. Have you ever once wondered what it would be like to be in your victims’ position? Do you even understand how much evil you, your bloodline, and followers had created?”

“To answer your question, I am not going to kill you at all. Instead, I am not only going to force you to understand the absolute wrongness of your crimes. In addition, I am going to force you to experience the combined anguish that you and your failed civilization have caused.”

After those words, Vogan utilized his maximum telepathic power on Tubal-Cain’s mind. Within moments, Tubal-Cain screamed in a way that resembled a damned soul that was being eviscerated repeatedly for its sins. For what seemed like an eternity, Tubal-Cain never stopped screaming and twitched uncontrollably as he hung in Vogan’s telekinetic grip.

Suddenly, without warning, Tubal-Cain’s screaming ceased and became motionless with a blank expression on his disfigured face. It was then that Vogan realized Tubal-Cain’s mind had been destroyed by the completely overwhelming torrent of unimaginable anguish.

After grunting in frustration, Vogan said, “Oh, no! I’m not done with you yet!”

Using his telepathy, Vogan reached into the fragments of Tubal-Cain’s mind and methodically pieced them back together. When the job was done, Tubal-Cain gasped and panted heavily.

Staring into Tubal-Cain’s frightened eyes, Vogan whispered, “Your punishment is only beginning.”

Then, Vogan unleashed the same tidal wave of damnation into Tubal-Cain’s already broken mind and Tubal-Cain screamed once more . . .”

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