Like many Game of Thrones fans, I love Tyrion Lannister. A few days ago, I came across a theory that Tywin Lannister may not be Tyrion’s real father. Instead, it has been suggested that Tyrion’s real father is the Mad King, Aerys Targaryen II, which would make Tyrion Daenerys’s bastard half-brother and Jon Snow’s uncle. This would explain why the dragons Viserion and Rhaegal were so calm and docile with Tyrion because they could sense his Targaryen blood in his veins: the blood of the dragon!

The reason for this is because when the Mad King was younger and sane, he lusted Tyrion’s mother, Joanna Lannister so it is possible that during one of their interactions Joanna and Aerys had an affair together, which resulted in Tyrion. Whether if Joanna willingly cheated on Tywin or if Aerys forced himself on her is unknown, but if Aerys did force himself on Joanna then that would make Tyrion a bastard born of rape like Ramsay Snow.

If Tyrion is the Mad King’s bastard son, then it could explain why Tywin Lannister hated Tyrion so much. The reason for this is because Tywin and Aerys developed a toxic relationship with each other when Tywin was Hand of the King, which caused them to eventually hate each other. Tywin could never prove that Tyrion really was his son, which caused him to suspect that Tyrion was Aerys’s son. When Tywin said his last words to Tyrion, “You’re no son of mine” that could mean that he strongly believed that Tyrion wasn’t his son not just because Tyrion shot him to death on the toilet.

Overall, if Tyrion really is Daenerys’s bastard half-brother then it would be very fitting in her position for two reasons. First, it would mean that Daenerys is not the last Targaryen after all besides Jon Snow and since Tyrion has more than proven himself to Daenerys she could legitimize him as a Targaryen once she claims the Iron Throne. Second, it would seem like fate because Daenerys’s ancestor Aegon the Conquerer had a bastard half-brother too named Orys, the founder of House Baratheon.

The only person I know who could confirm this theory would be Varys because since he is the greatest spy master in the world there would be very few secrets he wouldn’t know. This would also explain why Varys was so favorable towards Tyrion since Varys is a Targaryen loyalist. Therefore, taking Tyrion to meet Daenerys would be a way for him to reunite House Targaryen.

If this theory is confirmed and Jon Snow’s true heritage revealed to the world, then Daenerys, Jon, and Tyrion would be able to rebuild House Targaryen to its former glory. Plus, the three of them would serve as the three heads of the dragon on the House Targaryen sigil, which is heavily referenced in the Game of Thrones lore. Also, this would mean that Jon and Tyrion could become the riders of Viserion and Rhaegal while Daenerys rides Drogon. I will just have to wait and see. Winter has come!

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